Who is The Daily Politik?

The Daily Politik is a group of volunteers’ intent on providing well sourced analysis of the news in short form. 


Why was The Daily Politik formed?

The Daily Politik was formed to address the obvious bias and untruths broadcast as fact and truths by many mainstream news sources. The Daily Politik volunteers do this by providing evidence of these untruths and bias and allowing the public to form their own opinions based on evidence, not fake news. It is a sad fact that most mainstream news sources are politically biased and go to great lengths to protect their own political interests through their publications and programming. 


How does The Daily Politik fund its pages?

The Daily Politik is run by volunteers and raises funds through The Daily Politik Shop or through donations from members of the public. Funds received are used to improve what we do. The Daily Politik does not use advertising currently, though Facebook and other advertising agencies would like to advertise to our followers.


Where is The Daily Politik based?

The volunteers are UK based.